Porty Book Festival: Scottish Book Trust

Portobello Book Festival LogoThis weekend myself and Lucy Ribchester, another Edinburgh writer, will talk with Marc Lambert of Scottish Book Trust about what winning a New Writer’s Award has done for us. We’re also planning to chat about the challenges of getting your debut novel noticed and published – as well as offering a few tips and words of encouragement! We’ll also be reading from the novels we’re currently working on – cue nerves!

The event is free and takes place at 12.30pm, Sunday 6 October, at Portobello Library. Come along to share your thoughts and questions. The festival is packed with other excellent treats, all free of charge, including an impressive selection of authors discussing Scottish independence later in the afternoon. On the previous Friday, I’ll also be taking part in the gala opening of the festival, which has the theme 1963: The Start of the Modern Era and has lots of readers, live music and even a 60s fashion show. Take a peek at the Porty Programme.

2 thoughts on “Porty Book Festival: Scottish Book Trust

  1. Lynsey and Lucy gave wonderful vibrant readings at portyfest today. More to the point both were astonishingly beautifully written and only downside is that we readers have to settle for the enticing beguiling openings, remain patient and expectant to await the novels in full. Fantastic that thriving events like these take place and all power to all those that volunteer and facilitate them. Ta. Pete.


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