63 words: start of the modern era

IMG_1139I’ve spent the last three day in a beautiful, bookish burr, thanks to the annual Portobello Book Festival. It’s a local literary event that run on the generosity of performers, volunteers, readers and writers and I’m thrilled to have been part of the committee this year. Not least because it’s reminded me just how wonderful and generous people can be.

From writing craft to independence debates and tunes from the Ladies Guerrilla String Quartet to breadmaking, we covered all kinds of topics this year. However, we opened with a gala evening that celebrated the fact Portobello Library is 50 this year and as part of the birthday party, we asked local people to write us 63 word stories on 1963. The response was fantastic and while I’m not able to share all the stories we heard on the night, I can share my own.

Flying in the Spotlight

The modern era put the spotlight on sex, love and glamour. And just like our new friend Dr Who, we were taking a fast track to the future. We welcomed the new and our hemlines showed it. We said hello to knees and goodbye to high necks. Bonjour to bikinis, au reviour to baggy smocks. We dressed for flight, rising above the turbulence.

Screw you, Sindy

Sindy looks good for her age. 50 years since she was first pressed, a fully formed woman ‘made in England’, she’s as wide eyed and slender waisted as always. But don’t be jealous of her smooth skin, you have the memories and experiences that make five decades worthwhile, be proud to wear them. Also, be thankful your hair grows back when it’s cut.

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