Showing off my literary city

lynsey-scanditravA little while ago I got an email from a nice editor in Sweden who wanted to do a piece about Edinburgh’s best bookish spots for Scandinavian Airlines inflight magazine. I jumped at the chance to take her on a tour of the writer’s side of Edinburgh, and not only because there were free scones and a peek in the amazing Playfair Library Hall on offer.

I’m very lucky to live in the first UNESCO City of Literature and to be honest, it’s easy to forget how great your hometown in – until you have the chance to show someone else around it. Happily, Emma was lovely and the photographer a star (I posed in such a diva like fashion that some tourists also stopped to take snaps outside the Central Library!) so it was overall a grand day.

ReykI had another chance to showcase a little slice of Scotland last week, too, when the nice folks at Reykjavik City of Literature hosted my fishing village-based story Harbour of the Youth alongside a wee selection of stories celebrating the end of their literature festival. All I need is an excuse to go visit a few Nordic countries now!

2 thoughts on “Showing off my literary city

  1. A lovely insight on Edinburgh’s literary life amidst beloved bookstores. I particularly favour looking glass books as my local haunt of delights. Ta. Pete


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