Detoxing: Book festivals, events and fun

IMG_2021The last time I posted, I was fresh back from a month in France with nothing to do but write. What a world apart from the last few months, where I’ve been scurrying around from one thing to the next, trying to squeeze in a few minutes of scribbling time here and there.

The weekend just past, I was wearing my organiser badge for Portobello Book Festival – a wonderful, warm local festival that attracts all sorts of writers, readers and interested folk. There was a lot of running around as usual, but all came together in the end and the committee was as hard working and passionate as always.

IMG_2018I was especially pleased that my mum’s book folding workshop went well and that the two events I was chairing (Peter Pan The Graphic Novel with Stref and Fin Cramb and Daring Debuts with Lucy Ribchester and Catherine Simpson – all of whom were a total pleasure to chair) were as great as I hoped.

IMG_2027Just as I was recovering from the fun of the festival, it was time for the launch of the Book Week Scotland programme – I’ve been helping out with the event listings over the last few months, in a freelance role for Scottish Book Trust – and there are just so many fantastic events taking place all over Scotland.

Living where I do, I’m totally spoilt for choice when it comes to readings, signings and bookish events but they obviously aren’t quite so thick on the ground in more remote areas, so it’s awesome to see libraries, councils and bookshops coming together to celebrate reading in all kinds of ways!

I’ve also been super happy this month to get my hands on contributor copies of two different books/journals – I Am Because You Are, an anthology of stories inspired by General Relatively edited by Tania Hershman and Pippa Goldschmidt and Banshee Lit, a fab new Irish Journal.

Today, my mind is reeling and still packed with information about other people’s books, ideas and words – it’s time to have a mini detox so I can catch up where I left off, and hope it’s easy to slip back into the imaginary world I left behind!

7 thoughts on “Detoxing: Book festivals, events and fun

  1. I am so jealous that you got to attend all these book festivals and events! However I am happy to read about your time! This is a great blog post and you have a great blog! (: keep it up!

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    • Thank you!I am super lucky to live where I do and have so many great events on my doorstep – but I love reading about cool things online too! I love the look of your blog (especially the disclaimer about swearing in reviews, passionate readers are the best!!)

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      • So lucky! And thank you so much and yes! I was worried people would hate my reviews because I swear occasionally (I don’t swear in real life!) but I just get so into it that I can’t help it sometimes!

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  2. One of these days I’ll get through to an event in Portobello as it sounds like a lovely festival and I could relive childhood memories of days at the beach. I’m not surprised the event with Catherine and Lucy went well as both their books are excellent! All the best getting back in the zone with your own writing.


  3. I couldn’t make porty fest this year sadly but great to hear it went so well. Huge praise to you and all the team behind this thriving and always vibrant wee gem. Ta. Pete


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