When blogging becomes the day job…

…people like me get far lazier when it comes to updating their own blog!

Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed that more and more of my clients are looking for blogs and articles as opposed to webcopy, which is a-ok with me most of the time because it means I get to mix up topics and cover current events much more often.

That said, it does kind of kill the urge to post about my own bits and pieces. Combine that with my Twitter addiction and the way it satisfying the sharing urge and, well, this is what you get.

This place might’ve been a little on the quiet side but I have been blogging away loads recently and while most are ghostwritten, there’s a few booky ones I wanted to keep a note of.

ni_no_kuni_book_-_blog-edit(e)Reading the future

RPGs: Playing the reading game

Reimagining Classic Books as Comics

Why books make the best presents

So, I tip my hat at everyone able to keep their own blog fat and well fed while whipping up posts for paying customers. I should take a page from their recipe books, huh?


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