What edits looks like

a manuscriptI moaned about people blogging/imposing rules/setting deadlines on their writing goals the last time I posted. Sour grapes maybe? I don’t know. But I figured that seeing as I can’t beat them and I can’t join them I’d appropriate some kind of halfway house.

No deadlines for me, no rules, instead a picture of the wip in it’s current state. Right now I’m editing. This may take some time. On the plus side, I’ve not spent 24 whole hours away from the red pen in the two and a half weeks since I let myself pick it up again. Maybe I’ll end up with one grawing out of my fingers. That might be kind of sweet actually…

New page happy times and editing moans

My enigmatic friend of many talents has made me a wee web page. It has my name on it and everything. As well as an excellent picture of hers that was inspired by one of my short stories.

You can check out more of her stuff at You Look Nice Tonight and also under the friends drop down. I’m all pleased to have a page, especially after owning the domain name for about a bazillion years with nothing on it. Not that I have much to report at the moment, hopefully that will change one of these days. Maybe I’ll even get to add more to the published section in the future. 😉

Mainly I have been editing recently. This is largely interesting and somewhat rewarding, or would be if I wasn’t worried that I’m going to come to the end of this process with a story that is about 10,000 words shy of the ‘ultimate novel goal’. Sigh. But if that’s how long it wants to be should I really try and force it to be longer? Ach well, the time will come when I have to decide – but luckily it isn’t today.