Sir Terry Pratchett backs euthanasia tribunals

It’s a complicated question, and one that has the ability to polarize opinion, but the fight to legalize euthanasia for terminally ill patients continues to gain ground in the UK. And with Sir Terry Pratchett revealing he is in favour of a tribunal system designed to determine whether individuals should be legally allowed to end their lives, it’s sure to be one making some waves again over the next few days.

Public opinion appears to be swaying towards a person’s right to choose, but opponents are quick to point out how open to abuse such a system could be. Pratchett’s voice brings his trademark wit to the argument, but the bestselling author – who was diagnosed with onset Alzheimer’s disease two years ago – will also volunteer to be a test case for a proposed tribunal system.

Since first reading my grandma’s copy of Equal Rites as a pre-teen, Pratchett has been a favourite novelist of mine. It’s always nice when you see people you admire continuing to fight for what they believe in.