Government threatens net ban for illegal file sharers

It’s a problem plaguing executives and a boon benefiting those who want their media fast and free, but it seems that the government is still searching for ways to crack down on illegal file sharers. A report in the Guardian today says that the government has proposed new laws that could see persistent sharers cut off from their net connection – now that would really hit tech fans where it hurts.

Apparently the proposals also include giving the power to punish to ministers instead of regulator Ofcom in a bid to speed up the process. It’s a bit of an about-face for the folks in charge, as back in June the Digital Britain report said such measures were a step too far.

Now the government seem to think they are a step in the right direction, but what will all of the people who are happy share their ill-gotten gains think? Plenty of privacy groups are certain to complain but without a coherent campaign, their pleading may fall on deaf ears as the government hopes to placate the big businesses as well as creatives.

Pirate Bay found guilty

Well, I don’t really know what I expected to happen – but I’m still pretty shocked by the fact that Pirate Bay (a file sharing site) has been found guilty. The four co-founders have been sentenced to a fine of £2.4 million and a year in jail each. Actual jail. Of course the defendants plan to appeal, which will probably drag on for ages, but the whole thing seems pretty crazy.

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi had this to say over Twitter:

“Stay calm – nothing will happen to TPB, us personally or filesharing what so ever. This is just a theatre for the media.”

“Really, it’s a bit LOL. It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release.”

He hit the nail on the head quite nicely there. I don’t really know what my position is on filesharing. I like having physical things most of the time – but I’m also happy to pay way more for gig tickets these days seeing as I’ll listen to music my friends pass on to me without a second thought. Not so sure how I’ll feel about it if e-books continue to grow in popularity though.

On the other hand, with the rebellious attitude he and his friends sported throughout the trail, I can’t help thinking that Peter may have been courting that self same media to some extent.