What was I meant to be doing again?

Oh yeah, I was meant to be, like, you know, writing stuff. Except I haven’t been, even though I did my desk up all nice and everything.

Well, that’s not true, I have, it’s just been of the copy variety. That’s the thing about freelance isn’t it, you always want to say yes to every job, just in case it’s the last one that’s ever offered. Never fear though, I have lovely friend who already tuts and tells me off when I accept too many briefs and, get this, the other week I turned down a job for what was, I think, the first time ever.

So I’ve not been getting as much done as I wanted, but I did do some successful Christmas shopping today. Spying a million things I never realised I wanted along the way, of course – the dangers of going to the shops, something I don’t normally do.

And last week was grand, because we had the launch of the latest issue of the Edinburgh Review, with its lovely cover image from Fin, and the fabulous Gwendoline Riley and Ewan Morrison treated us to some top quality readings. Happy times. I also enjoyed the wine, maybe a little too much.

Overall, I’m pretty good and people even keep telling me I look refreshed. I think working from home (and sleeping for more than six hours a night) totally suits me.

Sketching a smile

sketch of Lynsey May by Fin CrambIt was hard to dredge up a smile by Friday night this week, but Ink sending me this picture he’d drawn for me managed to spark a few. I also got to finally give him his birthday presents – the impatience always kills me!

The last few weeks have passed in a haze of stress, and I’ve just realised how much it’s been clouding what’s really been a pretty amazing year. It’s not been without its lows that’s for sure, but back in January I definitely wouldn’t have predicted we’d end up in NYC at Cynthia’s Von Buhler’s birthday party (and meeting Neil Gaiman) after Ink interned on a graphic novel. Then there’s the whole flat thing, which will end up a dream come true if it comes off.

Ink and I have also had some luck with our various pursuits, although they’ve been pretty hard won. Tough moments included being told my writing wasn’t ‘strong enough for today’s market’; better ones included hearing

things like ‘I am more than happy to publish more of your work’.

Despite the occasional setback we’re slowly getting there, so we’ll have plenty more hard work to be busying ourselves with in 2011.

I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it, hope you all are too.

The Johnny Cash Project, the cut

I can’t remember when I first heard Johnny Cash. In a way, he’s one of those artists who’s just always ‘been there’ to me. But unlike some of the others I put in that category – Bob Dylan, The Beatles – Johnny has a special place in my heart. You know, I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever watched the video for his cover of NiN’s Hurt without crying. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The Johnny Cash Project is a community art project that aims to connect fans of the man in black from all over the world by asking them to illustrate a frame from a new music video.

Earlier this year, Ink contributed a frame and just the other day the project organisers released a doc about the whole experiment as well as a director cut of the video. Ink made it into the documentary too. Hehe, he’s officially all Web 2.0 now I think.