First draft sticky fingers

I feel quite lost now that I’ve finished editing the first draft. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of work to do (oh man, so much work to do) but I promised myself that once I’d typed up the first major round of changes I wouldn’t touch it until after Christmas. It’s proving hard.

I keep trying to stop myself by imagining the book in a variety of stupid guises. For example, the book is a delicious cake that I am desperate to ice, but if I take it out of the oven too quickly it will sink in the middle. Or, the book is a room I want to decorate but if i do it before the paint is dry… yadda yadda. I’m starting to worry for my sanity.

On the plus side, I have three short stories on the go at the moment and am planning an off the cuff visit to a comic expo in Leeds at the weekend. See? I’m in a good mood really.