Finding the perfect work space

You’re an ever-so-slightly temperamental creative type, what’s one of the things you need most? Ok, the list (at least in my case) is pretty extensive: attention, enough money to survive, steady supplies of sugar and caffeine… But for me, space has to be up there in the top three at least. I’m not only talking about physical space – the mental variety is pretty essential too – but the former can sometimes have a large impact on the latter.

The reason I’m thinking so much about space, or lack of it, at the moment, is the fact I’m currently flat hunting. A little bit of luck has opened up a shared equity opportunity that means I’m actually in the position to potentially buy somewhere – if the luck holds, that is. And it’s massively exciting, but also incredibly scary.

We’ve seen some lovely paces and some really grim ones (yuck, yuck, yuck to the place with underwear all over the floor). And the budget means the flats are never huge, but finding one with an extra room is a bit of a priority – mainly as Ink and I are hoping to share this place when it/if eventually becomes a reality.

Both being creative-types and definitely in need of the alone-time necessary to get any work done, we know where our priorities lie when it comes to flats – and that’s in the potential workspace. I look at rooms and try to imagine working in them and the ones that paint a pretty coffee-filled rose-tinted picture shoot up in my estimation.

I might write most of my first drafts in cafes/on buses/on my lunch break at work, but the second, third, fourth and fifth tends to be done in bed for the time and in the future (flat hunting willing) I’ll hopefully be able to graduate to a study or desk somewhere.

In my opinion, a good space doesn’t have to be a big one; it just has to feel right. What kind of space feels best to you when you’ve got work to get through? Do you like silence or noise? Isolation or action?