Kids more likely to have mobiles than books? Boo!

That’s it, I’m going to have to go on a book buying mission (oh, terrible I know – how much I hate shopping for books). Unfortunately – or fortunately if you’re one of the people who helps me move form flat to flat on a regular basis – I won’t be buying books for myself, I’ll be buying them to give to all of the children I know.

So what’s brought this on? Not my general love for my friend’s sprogs I have to admit, more the total fear elicited by the report claiming that kids are more likely to have a phone than a book. Pushing the idea of parents reading to children and giving them the chance to explore reading themselves is one of my hobby horses I guess, I feel like I can’t shut up about it sometimes, but it was such a great part of growing up for me I can’t help but want to hang on to it.

One thing is for sure though, if kids do end up being part of my future, they will grow up in a very bookish home. Especially if Ink has anything to do with it – I think we could build one damn awesome fort out of our combined collections of books and comics.