Interactive fiction

I really, really wanted an iPhone. But in the end I decided not to get one because the one thing that I really wanted it for (editing text documents) wasn’t the easiest thing to achieve on the sexy wee handsets. This news makes me wish I had one though – Fighting Fantasy game books are coming to the iPhone. So cute! Instead of rolling a physical dice you shake the handset and it rolls a virtual one for you.

I wasn’t ever into this range, but multiple choice fiction is totally fascinating in my opinion – although I remember skipping back a few pages every time I made a wrong choice rather than starting over again. I once got the chance to write for a children’s interactive toy that worked in the same way and it was such a fun job.

I’d love to do one for adults, but I don’t think I could relinquish authorial control long enough to let people decide which direction they wanted to follow!

Come to think of it, I remember being told about a writer who created a book in a box, where readers could choose any section to read they wanted but I can’t for the life of me remember who this was or even if I remember the concept correctly – can anyone help?

There are plenty of interactive fiction offerings out there in the digital age – from full on games to story books – I think I’d better investigate more when I have the time.

In other news, I haven’t read any of the books from the Guardian First Book Award list. Bad me. Off I trot to the bookshop.