Leith writers group – any takers?

This is possibly a little bit of a long shot, but having FINALLY sorted out somewhere to live I’m really keen to put writing back at the top of the agenda and the first long-neglected step is to see if I can get myself in a writers’ group.

the keys to my new flat!

Actually, scrap that, I’m tempted to try and be even more ambitious and start a new writers’ group. Although, if I found a suitable one nearby I’d probably be more than happy to abandon that plan and beg to be included. For the first few years after leaving uni I was in a nice wee group, we were all used to each other and some of the guys were uber talented but life got in the way – as it’s wont to do – and the majority of members moved country.

So now I’m looking for some fresh fiction writers to get working with. I don’t really think of myself as knowledgeable when it comes to poetry, so I’d probably be happier workshopping prose but aside from that I’m easy going!

Of course, if you’re a reader or friend and you live far away, I’d be more than happy to swap some crit/reading skills. I’ve got four years of Eng Lit, one MSc in creative writing and three years of copy editing experience behind me, and I’m not a meanie when it comes to constructive criticism – I promise. Leave me a comment or email me directly in you’re interested at all 🙂