I’m a freelance writing ninja now, right?

Source: Ian Dawson

It’s that time of year again, when all of my online information streams start creaking under the weight of Nano-related updates. Somehow, despite (or maybe because of) never taking part, the whole thing tends to make me feel a little blue.

Probably because when it comes to fiction, I am a very slow writer, and if I tried to complete 50,000 words in a month, I suspect I’d fail so badly I’d drive myself away from the notebook for a while. Still, when I see so many people hitting their wordcounts and creating something new in such a short space of time, I end up feeling a little jealous and I guess a little guilty too.

And it’s been very much in my mind this month, as it’s my first official month of being freelance – a.k.a that magical time when I will become some for of writing ninja. Needless to say, I have not been writing very much. It’s not that I haven’t been busy though, on the contrary my days have been pretty packed.

Putting together a new site for the Edinburgh Review has taken up lots of time, but I’m really happy we’ve got it up now, and that we’re planning on posting more extracts and excerpts from some of our contributors soon.

I also had the good fortune to take part in two readings this month, the first was for 4’33”, a wonderful audio magazine with lots of short stories for your listening pleasure, it was an excellent night and I was really impressed by the quality of the readers. A big thank you to Mike Wendling who runs the whole site solo and put on the cracking event for no monetary recompense.

Lynsey May reading at Words Per Minute, Photo Neil Douglas Thomas

Photo credit Neil Thomas Douglas (http://www.neilthomasdouglas.com/)

The second reading was at Words Per Minute, where I was again blown away to be included in such a sterling line up, and did very much enjoy getting to be part of their Sex Special. These lovely ladies – Kirsty Logan, Helen Sedgwick and Kirsten Innes, all fab writers themselves – do a grand job of choosing complementary acts and mixing readings with music and film in a way that ensures you’re always engaged.

So, I haven’t exactly been setting my wourdcount on fire, but I;m hoping there’s still time for that. Still almost a third of November left after all. I just have to remember that ninjas tend to get out of bed and get down to business more often than I’d necessarily like.

Edinburgh Book Festival and a little good news

The Edinburgh Book Festival programme is out – go look it over while it’s hot and grab tickets before the blue-haired brigade get in there first! Not that I’m one to judge, you can rest assured that if I make it to a venerable age – and manage it with any cash in my pocket – the book festival will be one of my top ports of call.

I’ve worked it once or twice, but this year I’ll be working elsewhere and don’t reckon I’ll manage to make it to many of the events. If I could though, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman would be on my list for sure.

Sigh, sometimes having a ‘real job’ sucks – even if I am (technically) writing for a living. On the other hand, this week has left my smiling as I had an email from the editor of a literary magazine accepting one of my short stories yesterday. More details as soon as it’s signed and sealed. Was particularly good timing though, my spirits have been well and truly sagging of late. Now I am buoyant again and ready to start editing afresh.