Empty rooms and potential plans

Lynsey May in her flat

Dancing for joy at the new flat

What a crazy week! I’ve finally made it into my new house but I can still barely believe it’s actually happened. We’ve been wandering around the rooms, making plans and thinking about all the potential each holds. One of the best things about it has to be the nice little study we’ll be sharing. How well the sharing part of it will work out remains to be seen, but the fact Ink and I will have some proper space to spread out and work in is awesome.

two dancing doves Lynsey May EtherVery little writing has been done recently, but I’ve been trying to edit as I go. Couple of rejections rolled in over the moving in period, but I’ve been so happy about the flat and the future opportunities for long nights reading, writing and relaxing they haven’t made much of a dent. Onwards and upwards and all that jazz. Also, I was probably buoyed by the fact my Two Dancing Doves story made it into the top five of the Ether bestseller list for a while over the rockiest patch.

Now I can’t wait to start unpacking the books, we just need to build the bookcases first!

I best start packing the books!

At last! The mortgage papers have been signed, the solicitor has been paid, and now I’m technically on track for buying my new flat! All I really have to do in the next few weeks is try to not accidentally get arrested or go bankrupt. Of course, I’ll also have to start packing – and that means booking up all of those hundreds of books, again.

I’ve moved house about three times for every two years since I left home at 17. I’m getting pretty good at packing. The only problem is, the older I get, the larger my collection of books. I’d say that for every 30 books that come over my threshold, one might end up with a charity shop – the rest I just can’t bear to part with. Good for my collection, bad for my back when moving.

This time though, I’ll be moving and knowing I’m planning to stay for a good long while, I’ll be able to luxuriate in sorting them out and re-homing them all (and I plan to buy some new shelves so they don’t end up stacked on the floor like they so often have).

many books on shevles and stacked on the floor.

A small selection of my messy books

I am so excited, although ever so slightly scared of jinxing it…. so, shh, I never told you about this new flat right? The last few months of 2010 may have dragged by excruciatingly slowly as I waited for one thing or another to be resolved, but this year has been one wild ride so far.

I moved house and my books are sulking

I’ve just moved into a new flat and enjoyed that backbreaking resentment borne of transporting hundreds of books in a mish-mash collection of boxes common to bibliophiles the world over. Really I want all my books to stretch their spines and flutter after me wherever I roam, like musty but expansive butterflies. Failing that, I’d like someone else to move them all for me please (thanks to everyone who did lend a hand!).

But transporting the trusty tomes from one residence to another is merely the beginning of my worries. The new flat has substantially fewer book-bearing pieces of furniture than I’ve become accustomed to. Unfortunately, the new flat is also considerably more expensive than the old one so I can’t indulge in a spending-spree where I gleefully choose graceful new bedding for my bound buddies. Instead I’ve a pile of over ten, bashed, cardboard boxes in the corner of my room. I can feel my books glowering at me right through the brown tape I used to seal them in.

Two bookcases survived the move however, and on the first day I did have the chance to enjoy a little of the meditative pleasure of racking up my favourites and creating a little order amidst the chaos of all of my other, shoddily packed, possessions.

Until the rest of my books are unpacked I won’t feel at home so hopefully next pay day will provide me with enough cash to rectify the situation – even if it does mean an Ikea job. On the bright side, my new room does have a massive window and a nook perfect for my desk. Hopefully that means I’ll get plenty of writing (as well as reading) done here.