Pie in the sky

Once upon a time my nickname was ‘the pie queen’. No, stop it you bad folks, not for any dodgy reason, but because I worked in a shop selling pies for a good long time during my teens. The job had its good points and its bad (one being that I’d end up smelling like freshly cooked pies for hours after finishing work for the day). Nevermind, it was a good enough time while it lasted.

Why am I waffling on about pies? Well, these days my life is more about pie charts than steak pies and really I’d like it to be more about nice fat fictional pies, pie in the sky pies.

Basically, I feel a bit like I have my fingers in too many pies without getting to enjoy enough of any of them. But that’s what you get if you decide you want to work, write and have some kind of life. Oh well. On the bright side, I guess I do get to eat quite a lot of humble pie!