I don’t do resolutions, so I’ll say cheers instead

Calvin and Hobbes New Year Resolutions

Calvin has something like the right idea...

Who knows what age I was when I first decided New Year resolutions did me no good (I suspect somewhere around the age I was still finding out what real hangover felt like), but I was pleased enough with the decision to make sure I’ve made none since.

Too cynical to believe I’d stick to something for more than a week, I gave up resolutions as a way to avoid disappointment, but that’s not to say I stopped setting goals for myself – I just like to keep them fluid. I think it’s something to do with accountability. While a deadline will get me working like nothing else, high expectations for myself from myself are more likely to stall me before I even manage to get started.

So I’m not joining the blogosphere in sharing my attempts to; lose weight, stop eating chocolate, write a blog everyday or publish x number of stories this year, instead I’m going to say thanks to some of the literary folks who helped me achieve some of the things that would have been resolutions last year, had I made any.

Cheers to The Stinging Fly, The Fiction Desk, Ether Books, 4’33”, Forest Publications and Bugged for making this one of the best years I’ve ever had when it comes to writing. While I may still be a fair bit off being where I want to be writing-wise, 2010 was a turning point in many ways – mainly because the acceptance, support or encouragement from these various individuals or organisations showed me there was plenty to write for yet.

Hope you all had an excellent New Year with plenty more adventures to come.

Maxim ain’t printing anymore

Well my day has been brightened by the news that Maxim will no longer be running a print edition in the UK. It might not have been the worst of the lad mags, but it was a popular one, and I have my fingers crossed some of the other trash-pushing culprits will follow suit (ladies trashy mags included here).

The mag is going online instead, which doesn’t bother me so much – you can find pretty much anything you want online after all. But the news goes to show that appetite is shifting away from the brash bawdiness of lads mags – I just hope it isn’t too much of an indicator of things to come across the print media board…