10 Writing Rules I Love To Break

Lynsey's p45We’re always hearing about the cardinal rules for writing, the ones that might just tip us into greatness, but hearing about them and following them are two very different things. I think I’ve broken every single writing rule I’ve ever tried to stick to.

But hey, rules are meant to be broken. Right? I hope so, because here’s my top 10 most frequently, guiltily overlooked writing rules.

1. Write in a linear fashion

2. Write at the same time every day

3. Always write a certain number of words per day

4. Actually write every single day

5. Spell correctly

6. Never switch POV mid paragraph

7. Write legibly so you can transcribe it later

8. Don’t copy the writers you love

9. Only have one writing project on the go at a time

10. Wait until something is finished before trying to submit it

Pfft. It’s a wonder I get anything done really. I honestly think that while setting yourself some targets or guidelines can be great, rules can be more demoralizing than anything else. Or am I just looking for excuses for my general laziness?