Reviewed but not rested

lynsey may kapow

Me at Kapow pretending I like Dr Who

It’s been one jam-packed old weekend. Chumming Ink to London for Kapow was good fun, but less restful than I probably could have done with. On the bright side, we caught up with some pretty awesome and creative people – and I also managed to pick up some of those freckles that mean summer is near.

Even better, on the train to London I was checking Twitter on my phone (sorry Ink, I know I do that too often) and I saw that Scott Pack had reviewed my story for the Fiction Desk anthology as part of his reviewing-a-short-story-everyday-for-a-year project. A walloping couple of heartbeats later, and I was very relived to see it was a positive one. He said:

“This is a well observed piece of writing. Uncomfortable and unsettling.” Which is how I like to think of myself. Well, as a writer anyway, not in person obviously. This put a nice spin on the weekend for me, good thing seeing as opportunities to sleep or even sit down were few and far between.

Now I’m back, I’ve got a little catching up and a whole load of writing to do (maybe I should just take long train journeys for no reason, they seem to be good for inspiration). Maybe I just need to check my blog feed first though, everyone else seems to have been pretty busy this weekend too…