Stephen King rocking a vampire comic

vampirecomicOh I am really quite excited by the news that Stephen King and Scott Snyder are making this awesome looking vampire comic. Illustrated by Rafeal Albuquerque – whose art I have taken an instant shine to – American Vampire will be released by Vertigo and looks like a stellar collaboration.

Vampires are always awesome (unless featuring in overhyped and overvalued teen franchises – sorry Twilight series, you’re good at what you do) so I have high hopes for what looks like an original take on the mythology.

When I was very, very young I used mouldy old black sheets found in the garage to try and transform my bunk beds into a coffin. I’ve left a lot of that early Vampire infatuation (largely sparked by the hilarious The Reluctant Vampire novel) behind, but I’m not quite over it yet and comics like this are sure to just carry on feeding the addiction.