Carefree colleagues = serious concentration corruptors

So far, the new flat has been wonderful when it comes to noise. Aside from the time the dude upstairs played something widdly for four hours (prompting Ink to pay a visit – whereupon the culprit opened the door to his dark flat bleary-eyed and wearing his jammies) we’ve been pretty lucky.

This hasn’t always been the case when it comes to my living arrangements – man, I’ve been in some bad places for noise – but it’s a welcome development. So welcome, the peace at home is showing me just how much my colleagues are annoying me during the day.

An old pic of me looking grumpy

Basically, noise pisses me off – unless I’m making it. Partly because it breaks my concentration but also because lots of the time, when you’re busy doing something, all kinds of innocent noises start to sound like nails on a blackboard. Laughter, chatting, bad music, irregular noises like slamming doors, all of those things have the power to change my from laid-back-typing-Lynsey, to snarling-sighing-and-huffing-Lynsey, who seems to have stopped typing.

I know it’s not fair to be pissed off at people for speaking, or even, god forbid, laughing, in the workplace, but what do my clenched back muscles and screwed up eyes care about fair? I want them to shut up, and to do it quickly, because I’ve got three new stories and four pages to write before the end of the day and I’m never going to manage it if they DON’T SHUT THEIR DAMN FACES.

Most of the time I wear headphones, and that works out fine for us all. But sometimes, they just don’t have the power to cut out all of the office chatter. I think the only solution is for me to work from home, does that sound good to everyone?

PS. I feel really guilty about the negative way I keep reacting to laughter, tell me I’m not alone?