Are you an aspiring author with an escape plan?

Being a writer is, arguably, easy. Being a published writer who can gain a great deal of satisfaction and maybe some monetary return for their efforts is much, much harder. Yet, every year hundreds of thousands of hopefuls strike out and try to grab hold of their dreams. Aren’t we the silly ones?

My questions for you, fellow dreamers, concern how you’ve gone about this process.

Living the dream

Living the dream

a) Do you have a careful, moderate career plan? Have you built back up options? Formulated an escape plan that will keep you safe and sound should the castle in the sky crumble? Do you have one foot on the ground?

b) Or are you completely focused on the one goal? Convinced that you’ll only succeed if you know you have nothing to lose? Did you grab the bull by the horns knowing that there’s nothing to cushion your fall, should it come? Are you jumping in with both feet?

Option a), one foot firmly on the ground, has served me well over the years. It’s kept food on the table and coffee in my cup. I even like to think it’s not held me back. Not terribly, anyway. But that doesn’t stop me wishing I was an option b) kind of person. The one who will succeed or crash and burn gloriously in the attempt.

Is that you? Does fear keep you up at night? Is it worth it? Did you sell your house and auction off your granny to finance your first book? Scare me with your determination, please.