Early morning = not my best

After waking at 4.21am and pulling my bed apart looking for my phone (it was of crucial importance to know the time you see), I went back to sleep in a bit of a grump. It was nothing compared to the one that ensued when I woke again at 6.50am, to find I’d forgotten to set my alarm and had missed my early-morning-writing-wake-up by an hour.

Gah. Despite this, and last week’s slip up, the need for naps, and the fact that I seem unable to string a thought together past 9 in the evening, I think the exercise is working for me. It’s nice to see the sun rise, it’s also very nice to know that there will be no interruptions for that very small segment of time. I think I’ll keep it up for a while.

This week’s been filled up with quite a lot of other random tasks and things, which has been a bit annoying, but – joy, joy, joy – I have the next two days off work. So hopefully I can make up for this morning a bit.