Being busy bee means less creativeness for me

Looks like I’ll be putting the creative stuffs on the back burner for a bit, having kind of accidentally signed myself up for a bit of a crazy amount of copy work until the end of the month. But it’s ok! The anti-drama monkey will keep me sane by reminding me not to pay attention to the mini-dramas unrolling around me, as will the promise of a whole flat to myself come May will put a smile on my face despite the teeth grinding .

So here’s the promise to myself: 20 days of flat out copy work, packing and cleaning – and at the end of it I can read back the latest completed draft of the WIP. And eat lots of chocolate and drink lots of coffee. And lie in the hall of the new flat – just ’cause I’ll be able to. And start the new story that’s slowly fermenting. It’ll be worth it.